gene talmadge oct 2014Greetings to all AEP Members!

AEP recently held its elections for the 2016 Board of Officers and Directors. The ballot also asked members to vote on proposed amendments to the AEP By-Laws and weigh-in on the renewal of the California AEP and NAEP Affiliation Agreement. The voting closed on October 31, 2015. Here are the results:

Board of Officers and Directors
All eight of the following officers and directors will be elected as follows:

  • President: Devon Muto – ICF International (98.75%)
  • Executive Vice President: William Halligan, Esq. – PlaceWorks (98.75%)
  • Financial Vice President and Chief Financial Officer: Lynn Calvert-Hayes, AICP – LSA Associates (99.17%)
  • Administrative Vice President: Christina Ryan – Ascent Environmental (99.58%)
  • NAEP Liaison: Michael Smith, PhD – AECOM (99.16%)
  • Directors-at-Large (3): Mindy Fogg – County of San Diego (84.21%), Ricky Caperton – PlaceWorks (69.64%), Michael Hendrix – Atkins (66.8%)

By-Law Amendments
The changes recommended for the By-Laws add language to stagger terms of certain officers and directors, establish eligibility criteria for certain positions, and create the formal role of Immediate Past President. A summary of the voting results for each of the individual measures is presented below:

  • Stagger terms of officers and directors:
    Yes (83.55%), No (4.76%), Abstain/No Vote (11.69%)
  • Establish position of Immediate Past President:
    Yes (75.43%), No (10.78%), Abstain/No Vote (13.79%)
  • Establish eligibility criteria for certain positions:
    Yes (81.82%), No (6.06%), Abstain/No Vote (12.12%)

California AEP and NAEP Affiliation Agreement
The Board wanted a feel from the California AEP membership regarding the Affiliation Agreement with NAEP and sought an advisory vote. The results are presented below:

  • Vote to renew the Affiliation Agreement:
    Yes (77.57%), No (5.62%), Abstain/No Vote (16.87%)

The Board will make its final decision on the Affiliation Agreement and ratify the election results at the November Board Meeting. The new terms of office for the individuals elected and the various changes to the By-Laws will be effective January 1, 2016.

AEP is an association of environmental professionals dedicated to the professional development of its members and the relationships we build with others in the environmental planning industry. Our strength is you, the members of AEP. Together we can move the organization to directions we need to ensure the viability and relevance of AEP. We continue with development and relevance for AEP but this can only happen with your help and involvement. With this we can stay on the right path of advancement and involvement. Congratulations to all those elected!

Best regards,

Gene Talmadge
AEP President

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